Injection Therapy for Migraine

Injection Therapy, commonly used as anti-wrinkle treatments, have been found to be effective in preventing the chronic form of migraine. This is defined as 6 months or more of frequent headache (at least 15 days per month) with features of migraine on at least 8 of these days. Many chronic migraine sufferers have daily headache with frequent disabling migraine attacks, more than fulfilling these criteria.

What are the benefits of using injection therapy to treat Migraine?

In 2010 the first ever placebo-controlled study to successfully show a benefit in migraine was published. Since then thousands of patients worldwide have been successfully treated. An Australian study from 2016 confirmed the benefits, which include:

  • An average reduction of 60-70% in headache days, migraine days and days with severe disabling migraine days at 6 months after two treatment cycles
  • A response rate of 70%, a responder being a person who had at least 50% reduction in the number of days per month with headache
  • A reduction in the use of both acute and preventive oral medications
  • It also showed improvement in quality of life and that patients missed 5 less days of work or school, equivalent to a whole working week.

How will your doctor assess if injection therapy treatment is right for you?

Your doctor will review your symptoms, medical history and medications in detail before deciding if you qualify for injection therapy.

How is injection therapy administered?

The injections are administered at specific sites in the head and neck using very fine needles. The session usually takes about 15 minutes and you can return home immediately after with no activity limitations. Treatments are repeated every 12-16 weeks.

What can you expect following injection therapy treatment?

You may not notice any improvement initially for a week or two. Following that and with subsequent treatments the effects are more pronounced and longer lasting.

Are there any side effects to injection therapy treatment?

Side effects of injection therapy occur in around 3-5% of patients but are all short-lived and reversible. You may experience a transient headache that resolves in 24-48 hours and a sensation of heaviness over the forehead or neck for 2-4 weeks. Eyelid droop or neck pain are less common. If they occur the risk during subsequent treatment can be minimised by adjusting the dose injected.

How much does injection therapy cost?

Our staff will discuss cost details and applicable Medicare rebates with you.


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